Founded in 2008 as an engineering company in Istanbul, Kontrolmatik today develops value-added solutions in more than 25 countries with its more than 300 experienced staff, and has successfully completed over 300 projects on time until today. The company, 23.8% of which was offered to the public on the Istanbul Stock Exchange in October 2020, has offices in 5 countries. It has become a leading company in its sectors with its Engineering, Contracting and Technology solutions, and continues to grow by carrying these experiences abroad.


Kontrolmatik ranked 37th in the World`s Largest System Integrators list published by Control Engineering in 2020, becoming one of the youngest companies in the most prestigious list of the industry. It aims to be one of the first 10 companies worldwide by increasing this success in the following years.


Headquartered in Esenler, Istanbul, our company has a factory that produces mobile solutions for the energy sector with an area of ??8.000 m2 in Kahramankazan, Ankara. With this factory, it produces portable energy generation, transmission and distribution equipment such as E-House, Energy Storage Systems, Mobile Hybrid Energy Production Units. These products, which are designed to provide maximum service in limited spaces and in any environment, are the result of years of experience of the Kontrolmatik Engineering team. Systems designed to operate without any problems for many years, especially in harsh conditions such as the Middle East and Africa, continue to solve their instant energy needs.


Kontrolmatik added a new one to its immovables in 2021, and acquired its new facility in Polatlı, Ankara with a land of 100,000 m2. In this facility, which is considered to be operational in 2022, it is planned to produce Lithium Ion battery cells and high technology communication devices. With this facility, these products will be supplied primarily to Turkey, then to the European, Asian, African and American markets, and the region will be a technology base by increasing its capacity with new investments.


We have been emphasizing the importance of digitalization for years, and we continue to invest in digital solutions. We prepare our customers for the digital age with many communication, protection, industrial security, automation, IoT and software solutions that we offer with the cooperation of our own engineers and solution partners, and we solve the monitoring, control and security needs of their internal processes at a single point. With the Controlix device we developed, we collect data from the field in a single center, process the incoming data on our online platform, which we also developed, and ensure that our customers can use them in the requested order.


It aims to meet the needs of our industry at the highest level with new solutions and products every day, on the way to which it started by saying "We have a story", from engineering to turnkey installation, from automation to industrial security solutions, from IoT to big data analysis, from software development to monitoring-control systems. We will continue to offer engineering, contracting and technology solutions with the aim of being the leading company of the sector worldwide.

1-Communication, Information Security and Internet of Things - IOT

Industrial Communication, Ethernet Switches, Media Converters (Fiber-Copper), Routers, SDHs, Multiplexers, Modems, Firewalls and Gateways, control these products Network analysis and management software, network security software and integration, engineering and installation services of all these systems, Information Security and Internet of Things (IOT), IOT based sensors and field equipment, IOT Platforms and Software, Data It consists of Analytical Software, Deep Learning, Machine Learning Algorithm and softwares, End-to-end cyber security analysis, passive listening, active intervention, all integration with all software and equipment, PKI services, MDS (Managed Detection Services) Services, Penetration Tests, and training and consultancy services.

2- Operational Technologies and Industrial Software & Control Systems

Simply put, OT (Operational Technologies) is a physical infrastructure (temperature, established for a power plant, an industrial facility, a mine site or a transportation line (rail system or road). Process instruments for monitoring various process values such as pressure, flow, control valves, motors, conveyors and other machines to control these values and prevent dangerous conditions, communication infrastructure (Ethernet switches, serial converters, fiber) required to carry this physical infrastructure to the computer environment optical switches, routers, etc.) and control systems that enable automatic control and monitoring of these systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA), Distributed Control System (DCS), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Ent erprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Machine Interface (HMI) etc. ) and IT Infrastructure (Server, PC, Monitor, Printer, HardDrive etc.).

3-Power Systems and Project Management

Today's electrical networks are characterized by their size and complexity as well as new technologies and techniques for power generation, transmission, distribution, protection and measurement. These power systems can operate at high, medium or low voltage levels. Power systems, turbines required for electricity production, all switchgear equipment and transformers required for transmission and distribution, starting from generators, and a huge collection of products and services with all technology infrastructures and control systems required for the protection and control of systems.

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