Eti Mine Boilers

Boilers at Eti Mine Kırka Boron Works

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Kırka 75 T/H Fluidized Bed Boiler

All system Control and Protection are carried out by us.

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TPAO (Turkish Petroleum Corporation) RTU System

Remote System of Pump Station and Electrical System

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Eti Mine Evaporator

Electrical EPCM of 3 evaporators.

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Eti Mine Anhydrous Borax Factory

DCS System of Anhydrous Borax Units

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Eti Mine 4 Oil Free Screw Compressor

EPCM of 4 Compressor Unit and Construction Works

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Eksim Biodisel Production Facility

Biodizel Production Facility’s EPCM Electric&Automation System

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Jordan Gas Pipeline Facility

Jordan Gas Pipeline Facility’s EPCM Electric&Automation System

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