Taksim Tunnel SCADA ve Signalization Project

For Taksim Square pedestrianization project, highway tunnel SCADA and signaling system carried out and completed successfully.

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Ankara Hasköy Tunnel Scada Ve Signalization System

Ankara Hasköy Tunnel Signalization and SCADA System and commissioning work has been completed.

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Kadıköy-Kartal Metro Project

The total length of 25.2 km between Kadıköy-Kartal and planned so that all underground line consists of 16 stations.

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Otogar-Bağcılar-İkitelli-Başakşehir-Olimpiyat Rail System Line Project

Installation work of stations and tunnels’ environmental control system was executed.

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TCDD Solar Plant Monitoring

OSIsoft PI System, Radiolink, RTU

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