Mobile Substation

Mobile Substation is a electrical substation mounted in one or more semi-trailers. This System is used when a temporary power supplies are needed. Provides easy and flexible solutions.

System contains all needed components for a substations to supply power. Such as Control and Protection panels,
AC and DC auxiliary supplies, switchgears, power transformers, HV Equipments etc.

System can be designed according to customers’ need. So there are different kinds as 132/33kV, 132/11kV (16-35MVA), 33/11kV (5-16MVA) etc.

Parts Of Mobile Substations;

Mobile substations are used in following conditions;


We help increase the performance and productivity of power plants, we provide facilities for monitoring and security of switchyards and help delivery of electricity with the lowest possible losses. We achieve these by means of automation systems and electrical infrastructures we design and implement specifically to meet the requirements of our customers operating in the energy sector.


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