The Investor Relations Unit has been established in order to ensure the use of shareholders' rights and to ensure communication between the Company management and the shareholders. The Investor Relations Unit carries out the following duties within the scope of relations with the shareholders:

  1. To ensure that the records of the shareholders are kept in a healthy, secure and up-to-date manner.
  2. To respond to the written information requests of the shareholders, excluding the confidential and trade secret information about the company that has not been disclosed to the public.
  3. To ensure that the general assembly meeting is held in accordance with the applicable legislation, articles of association and other in-house regulations.
  4. To ensure that the documents that the shareholders can benefit from are prepared by communicating with other units of the company at the general assembly meeting.
  5. To ensure that the voting results are recorded and the reports about the results are sent to the shareholders.
  6. To monitor all matters related to public disclosure, including the legislation and the company's disclosure policy.



Metin Demir

Investor Relations Manager


Phone: 0212 659 24 41

Fax: 0212 659 24 81