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Kontrolmatik is one of Turkey's leading engineering, system integrator and technology companies in the fields of Energy, Process Industry, Transportation and Mining. 


The World's Largest 22nd System Integrator


Global influence with offices in 9 countries


More than 350 successfully completed projects


Over 1300 strong staff, 60% of whom are engineers


With its strong and dynamic engineer staff, Kontrolmatik Technologies offers end-to-end digital solutions in more than 35 countries, while developing environmentally friendly technologies for a sustainable, carbon-neutral and greener world.



Kontrolmatik Technology is the 22nd largest system integrator in the world with more than 1,000 employees, more than 60 per cent of whom are engineers, with more than 350 reference projects in more than 35 countries.

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Sustainable technologies are under control. Kontrolmatik has a bold mission to provide sustainable, transparent and innovative solutions that help its customers and partners to drive and transact into sustainable business inside out.

We offer highly efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies in every field we operate.

With all our solutions, we develop the infrastructures of power plants, industrial facilities and even countries, and build a green and sustainable future with a low carbon footprint.


Kontrolmatik takes it as a principle of innovating sustainable technology solutions with trust



Kontrolmatik is adopting a comprehensive sustainable strategy, far behind green washing



Kontrolmatik respects to human rights, diversity & fair working condition



Kontrolmatik believes in the development of sustainable communities, and global partnership for an inheritable world.

Sustainable technologies, sustainable growth
Since the day it was founded, Kontrolmatik Technology has been growing with sustainable and strong steps and getting closer to its future goals day by day. It is building a greener, sustainable and carbon-neutral future with the solutions it has developed in more than 35 countries with its international solution partners.
Sustainable technologies, sustainable growth
Investor Relationships
As Kontrolmatik Technologies, we aim to continuously increase stakeholder value with the corporate governance we implement in international standards in investor relations.
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Investor Kit

As Kontrolmatik Technologies, we have adopted a transparent and sustainable management style since our establishment and invest in the technologies of the future in the sectors in which we operate. You may download our investor kit to get to know our company better.
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The First Lithium-Ion Battery Cell Factory in Turkey
The first Lithium-Ion Battery Cell and Energy Storage Giga Factory in Turkey responds to the increasing intense demand of the industry by producing lithium ferrous phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells, modules and energy storage systems for power plants, national grids, factories, residential applications and areas that require high power.
The First Lithium-Ion Battery Cell Factory in Turkey
As Kontrolmatik Teknoloji, we aim to continuously enhance stakeholder value through the implementation of corporate governance in investor relations, in line with international standards.
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